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Our buildings also make ideal home offices or work studios. Other colours available upon request.

These buildings can be customised to your own size and specification, please call or email with your details.

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Our buildings also make ideal home offices or work studios. The last thing anyone wants is to be reminded about work when they are trying to relax at home in the evenings. A garden office is situated away from the rest of the home meaning that it is easy to escape from the office and piles of paperwork whilst at work there are no distractions from inside the home. A separate office building also provides a professional meeting place for work clients.

Basic example:

  • Single glass door
  • 2 windows with openings
  • Roof overhangs 12″(inch) at front and 6″(inch) at both sides
  • Fully insulated with 40mm Kingspan
  • Inside walls & ceiling sheeted with 12mm T&G ‘V’ sheeting
  • Windows and Door double glazed. Prices on request as these buildings are made to order to your own specfic requirements.

Do you have a show area where I can view your products?
Yes, you can view a wide variety of products at our show area at Sergeants Portable Buildings, 26 Vicarage Road, Portadown, County Armagh, BT62 4HF.

Can I design a building to suit my own individual needs?
Yes. Our buildings are made to order to ensure you receive a specific product that meets your own specifications and requirements.

What type of timber are your products made from?
Our timber buildings are made from Scandinavian softwood, using a variety of species. It is important to remember that timber is a natural product, you may get some warping, expansion, shrinkage or snake due to different weather conditions.

What kind of base do I need for my building?
A reasonable level base – gravel, concrete, flags, soil, grass etc. We will ensure the building floor is level and not in contact with the base before erecting building.

How are the buildings delivered?
Our buildings are delivered on a 3.5T flatbed lorry. Please make sure there is appropriate parking at the address of delivery on the day. We would recommend that panel sizes are checked to ensure access through gates and archways etc.

Can my building be insulated?
Yes, please contact us for more information and prices.